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Business Continuity Plan – Preparing for the Coronavirus Outbreak!

The Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19 came as a surprise to global population and organizations alike. No one was prepared for the crisis and hence managing with the situation seems to be a tough nut to crack.

With Lockdown in India and many other countries, businesses are striving to empower the team members in this hard time. To make things easier, TechnoLabs has come up with a custom Business Continuity Plan of Action. We understand that many businesses across the world still face the same problems, so we’d like to share the business continuity plan for continuation of IT services and business operations via remote work.

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity planning, as it seems like, is a strategy to survive in this tough time by continuing the business operations even when not visiting offices. The plan should address practical considerations relevant to the businesses, which may include the following categories:

  • Dislocation from office
  • Information backup processes and procedures
  • Customer service continuation
  • Loss or unavailability of key personnel or business operations
  • Processes and procedures for training employees

Here’s what businesses across the world can to make sense of and lead employees through an uncertain situation:

In order to ensure delivering quality services without any pause, TechnoLabs hasn’t let Novel CornaVirus to cleave our digital services. We are constantly working to ensure employee-friendly and safety measures.

  • Empowering the team members with all the required software, hardware and other essentials to work remotely
  • Maintaining daily routine like the Office to ensure maximum productivity and comfort
  • Weekly boosters given to ensure work efficiency and safety while working remotely
  • Open-door policy to reach any management professional with freedom of speech
  • Daily updates received on the work done and suggestions shared via communication channels to ensure quality
  • Complete employee tracking done with timely updates on the work or tasks allocated using advanced tools.
  • Continuation of sales process to keep adding new clients and customers
  • Keeping clients informed regarding our work-from-home policy to deal with the pandemic

TechnoLabs, it was found quite challenging to successfully implement the work-from-home policy to fight and beat the Corona virus. However, with the ability to carefully monitor the employees and their dedication, we’ve successfully managed to cope up with the situation.

We are constantly in touch with our global customers to ask questions and receive timely responses regarding their projects. The custom methods and strategies are allowing the team members to add more value to customer satisfaction.

TechnoLabs’ Arsenal for Business Continuity Plan

Unlike others, we didn’t just announced work-from home policy to deal with coronavirus. It was a well-thought and well-implemented plan. We have facilitated our team members with all the required tools, technologies and everything else to work from home.

  • Communication through Emails, Skype, Phone, Google Hangout
  • Effective time management ensured with HubStaff tool
  • BaseCamp used for project allocation, monitoring, etc.
  • Codes managed through platforms like GitHub, Bitbucket, Codestack, etc.

We ensure that our team is always secure and working efficiently on the projects assigned. We accept out team as the most valuable asset to the company.

We also ensure complete customer satisfaction, which is why we have developed the custom business continuity plan to ensure working safely from remote location while ensuring 100% productivity through various methods.

We have prepared our team to work remotely with ability to deliver performance.

Let’s hope the world comes over from the Coronavirus threat.

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